UK residents will leave without a drink


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Simon Newman / Reuters

In the UK thousands of pubs may close, leaving residents of the Kingdom without a drink. According to The Independent, without direct financial support from the state bars that have been closed since mid-March, won’t open.

The trade industry by the UK Hospitality sounds the alarm and indicates that the pub in that time has accumulated excessive debts on rent. The email appeal sent to the government. In addition to rent, called one difficulty: the institutions will need to comply with the social distance of two meters between visitors. At the same time in every fourth pub was not enough space to adhere to these requirements.

Currently, the UK along with other countries mired in crisis over pandemic coronavirus. To save the country’s economy may be the introduction of a basic income, are sure experts of the analytical center RSA Future Work Center. Every resident of the United Kingdom propose to issue up to 2.5 thousand pounds a year. The issuance of money, analysts say, will help to support the economy in General and workers in distressed sectors in particular.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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