Ukraine urged to abandon the return of the quarantine despite the sacrifices


www.vsyako.netTimothy Milovanovica: page Timofey Milovanov in Facebook

Former Minister of economy of Ukraine Tymofiy mylovanov urged the government to reject the return of quarantine despite the possible victims. The opinion he expressed in Facebook.

According to the forecast headed Milovanov Kyiv school of Economics, the end of the year from the coronavirus in the Ukraine may die before 7,500 people, but the loss to the economy will be more serious.

“The number of active cases is growing steadily. No peak, no plateau of the disease was not. Economic losses are approximately equal economic value / valuation of lives saved. I hope the politicians have the courage and the will not to return the quarantine,” he wrote.

Milovanov has argued against the introduction of quarantine in the beginning of the pandemic. Then he said that, according to conservative estimates of economic losses resulting from quarantine, the price of one life saved is 40 million hryvnia, which will drain the economy. “Fair is this price? Everyone must answer this question himself,” — he stressed.

In mid-March, the Ukrainian government has introduced a nationwide quarantine for a month. Its action is prolonged, but the restrictions gradually began to soften.

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