Apple declared the fight against racial inequality


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Apple CEO Tim cook announced on his Twitter account the launch of a program dedicated to the promotion of ideas of racial equality and justice. Top Manager noted that a new initiative the company will spend $ 100 million.

Cook announced that the unfinished work to establish racial justice and equity “encourages us all to account”. “Everything has to change, and Apple seeks to be the driving force behind these changes. Today I am proud to announce the Apple initiative for racial equity (Racial Equity and Justice Initiative) and the allocation to it in the amount of $ 100 million,” — said the head of the company.

The top Manager emphasized that as a person who grew up in Alabama during the civil rights movement, he was able to personally ensure that the only thing that ever made a long-term and lasting changes, are people of good will “lay aside comfort and safety to speak on the March, to call for responsibility and to do everything in their power to make an imperfect society became more perfect.”

According to cook, the program will challenge the system that creates obstacles to the empowerment and dignity of people of color communities, particularly for African Americans, with a particular focus on promoting equality in the sphere of economy, education and criminal justice reform.

The Apple initiative for racial equality and justice headed by Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for environmental issues, policy and social initiatives, said the head of Apple.

Previously, the company began to block stolen by looters during the riots in the US smartphones.

In dozens of U.S. cities began mass protests accompanied by riots and clashes with police over the death of an African-American George Floyd, who died after rough arrest by the police of Minneapolis. In some States, the demonstrations turned into riots, pogroms, looting, shooting and arson. The protesters are blaming the police and racist prejudices in society.

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