Determined most protected from the coronavirus group blood



American scientists have found that those of the first group of blood is the least susceptible to infection with coronavirus. Their conclusions experts have published on the service website on the human genome 23andMe.

The study involved 750 thousand people, 10 thousand of whom were diagnosed COVID-19. Making allowances for gender, weight and age, experts have found that the incidence among people with first blood for 9-18 percent lower.

Most often the infection is found among the owners of the third and fourth groups of blood: among them has revealed a 1.5 per cent COVID-positive. As for the people in the second group, the figure was 1.4 per cent, and among people with first — 1.3 percent.

More pronounced, the ratio was at the doctors and representatives of other professions whose work takes place in close contact with the infected. People with a fourth blood group the virus was diagnosed in 4.1 percent of cases, people with third in 4 per cent, in people with second — to 3.9 per cent in people with first — of 3.2 per cent.

Earlier, the international group of scientists came to the conclusion that the most susceptible to coronavirus people with the second group of blood. Experts have linked this phenomenon with a characteristic special mutations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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