Disclosed are methods of scammers hacking contactless payments


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander vilf / RIA Novosti

Head of security analysis of web applications Positive Technologies Jaroslav Babin in an interview with RIA Novosti revealed several ways of scammers hacking cards that support contactless payment.

Thus, in the first case, the attackers steal funds via fraudulent mobile POS terminal or a device that creates a fake purchase and “force” the card of the victim to pay for it. However, this method has some limitations, for example, the attacker needs to have a Bank account, issued on a legal entity, and a payment terminal, registered in the tax office. In addition, due to customer complaints score likely will block until the crooks manage to get the money.

The second method is to read the data card, its number and validity period of the special NFC skimmer (a device to read data from contactless cards) for further attempts at fraudulent transactions without a card.

However, according to experts, cyber criminals simpler and more effective to attack the smartphones connected to mobile banking. So, as a result of the study revealed that in every second mobile banking, you can conduct fraudulent transactions or to steal the money.

In may it was reported that Internet fraudsters have invented a new and effective way to hide malicious code on hacked websites. Hackers steal card details of users filling the payment form, using the built-in software sites. So hackers have created fully functional website — is in the technique of web-skimming was not used.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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