Less strict quarantine in St. Petersburg explained the superiority over the Muscovites


www.vsyako.netBook store in Saint Peterburgskoj Halperin / RIA Novosti

The absence in St. Petersburg during the epidemic of the coronavirus as the severe restrictions, as in Moscow, explained the superiority of St Petersburg over Moscow. The TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, Vice-Governor of the city Yevgeny Yelin called residents more educated and qualified.

“We can not compare Moscow and St. Petersburg, we’re much more sparing way, we have not imposed such tight restrictions as Moscow, — quotes the words Elina Telegram-channel edition of “Rise”. — In our view, it is justified. Not because we are smarter, but because we believe that we are much more prepared citizens, a more even composition of the population, more educated, more qualified.”

Therefore, said the Vice-Governor, and the lifting of the quarantine in St. Petersburg will be more accurate.

According to the site stopmanager.of the Russian Federation, in Moscow on June 12, 201,2 recorded thousands of cases COVID-19, 115,7 thousand people recovered, 3.1 thousand died. In St. Petersburg, which is on the third place in the infections after the Moscow region since the beginning of the epidemic revealed 19.7 thousand infected, 8.8 thousand was able to defeat the disease, 520 patients died.

Since March 30, in Moscow there is a universal mode of self-isolation, soon in the capital was introduced by skip. May 12, wearing masks and gloves in vehicles and public places has become a must. Pass abolished from June 9, but the mask and gloves are obligatory. In St. Petersburg from June 1 to wearing personal protective equipment is a recommendation, but they also must be worn during transport, shops and other places with crowds of people.

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