The bride Ronaldo talked about shame because of exercise with a player


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The bride-to-be Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo Georgina Rodriguez spoke about the shame because of exercise with the player. Her words quoted by The Sun.

“I was ashamed to train with Cristiano. Imagine that you need to train with him. I used to work alone at home, when he was training with the team,” said Rodriguez. She added that Ronaldo became her motivator and source of inspiration.

She also noted the amazing performance of the striker. “His focus and passion for football is unbelievable. Of course, he trains more than me, but here it is not necessary to compare, as he’s a professional athlete,” she concluded.

The couple meets in 2016. They are raising a daughter together Alan Martin, and three children Ronaldo from surrogate mothers: Cristiano Jr., Eva MATEO. In 2018 became aware of their engagement.

It was also reported that Rodriguez is the main successor to Ronaldo. In the event of the death of the player, she will receive all his fortune, which is estimated at more than 300 million euros.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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