The new way of cheating Russians



Russia has identified a new method of telephone fraud. According to the REN TV channel, citizens are deceiving attackers posing as employees of the Prosecutor’s office.

The scheme works like this: the victim receives a call from an unknown number, then she reported that she had previously purchased a defective product and now they are entitled to compensation. But then it turns out that to send funds person must first send a certain amount.

Already deceived the inhabitant of the Crimea, which bought remedies for weight loss. Linotronic Prosecutor assured her that the drug has the desired effect and were promised compensation in 450 thousand rubles. And then allegedly kicked her to the room of an employee of the Central Bank, which asked the pre-transfer 22 thousand rubles. The woman lost the money, and promised payment is not received.

Previously, the Russian Central Bank warned about the most popular fraud schemes, developed during the period of self-isolation. In particular, the sharply intensified the so-called redolently that offer to buy back debt at a supposedly bargain price. Another scheme of fraud associated with the illegal Forex dealers. Attackers offer training on stock market, but in fact no trades not carried out.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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