The Russian Soyuz will become cheaper from-for Crew Dragon


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Christina H Koch / NASA

Manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS” cheaper because of the competition with the American spacecraft, said in a quarterly report Rocket-space Corporation “Energy”.

“After the initial period, demonstrating the robustness of the new American ships, the market prices of flights will likely begin to decline due to increasing competition, which could lead to expansion of the market of manned space flight”, — stated in the document.

The report notes that on the domestic market, “Union, MS” there is no competition, and one of the risks for the Corporation called “the emergence of the market launch and production of unmanned spacecraft new global players in countries with high economic development rates — such as China, India, Japan”.

In may, the first launch of a spacecraft Crew Dragon with the crew of the American company SpaceX to the International space station (ISS), which was the first manned, NASA held since July 2011. After that and until recently, astronauts on the ISS, brought a “Roscosmos”. The contract, involving the delivery of one astronaut to the ISS for $ 90 million, will be completed in autumn.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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