UK to increase taxes on the rich to combat coronavirus


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The UK Treasury is in discussion with major private banks and companies the asset management opportunity to increase taxes for the wealthiest citizens. This was reported by Reuters, citing several sources in the banking sector of the Kingdom.

In addition, the Agency is considering to attract wealthy Brits to the allocation of funds for state assistance in connection with the situation with coronavirus.

As said by one interlocutor of the Agency, such actions of the Finance Ministry is going to replenish depleted state coffers, the supply of which went to fight the infection. Measures to support the population and the costs associated with COVID-19, will cost the UK in the 133 billion pounds (11,7 trillion roubles).

The Agency surveyed economists believe that the government may increase tax on savings, tax on capital gains, VAT or property tax.

Earlier analytical center RSA Future of Work Center and came to the conclusion that the introduction of a basic income could save the UK economy which is in crisis due to pandemic coronavirus. RSA offers to the British government to begin to continually give people money just so that every British citizen was received in the amount of 2.5 thousand pounds sterling (more than three thousand dollars) per year. The experts called as efficient and assured that it will be able to support workers in distressed sectors, as well as provide rapid recovery after the crisis.

According on the 12th of June, in the UK coronavirus has infected more than 292,9 thousand people died 41,4 thousand citizens. The country ranks fifth in the world in the number of infected people.

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