USA predicted the fate of the Soviet Union


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Columnist for the French newspaper Le Figaro, Nicolas Bavr USA predicted the fate of the Soviet Union due to the policy of the American President Donald trump.

In his words, “suicidal” policy of the head of state plunges US into the atmosphere of the civil war. The journalist notes that the country is now undergoing four crises at the same time.

Epidemic COVID-19, according to Bavr, became for US a kind of new pearl Harbor, which 110 has already claimed thousands of lives. The outbreak resulted in a recession of historic proportions, when three months became unemployed 45 million people, and GDP in 2020, according to forecasts, should fall to 6.5 percent.

In addition, the death of John Floyd after the arrest of police officers in Minneapolis provoked race riots and looting in American cities, reminiscent of the riots of 1968 after the assassination of Martin Luther king.

The journalist also noted that populism trump his intentions to resort to the law of 1807, on the suppression of the uprising and to give the army the right to restore order in the country, contrary to the rule of law and the objections of the military leadership, plunges the country into chaos.

As columnist, actions to bypass Congress, the pressure on the justice and the army head of the White house destroys the existing system of checks and balances. In this case, those policies trump does not preclude his chances for re-election this year.

Earlier, the trump called the four measures which, in his opinion, should help to rectify the situation with the unrest in the country. He promised to work on the economic welfare of the minorities, to address the problem of unequal access to health services, to make the police more relevant professional standards and not to deprive it of funding.

In dozens of U.S. cities held mass protests accompanied by riots and clashes with police over the death of Floyd. In some States, they turned into riots, pogroms, looting, shooting and arson. The protesters are blaming the police and racist prejudices in society.

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