Daughter of Ephraim spoke about the way to homosexuality and abinanti


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The daughter of an actor of Michael Efremova Anna Maria said as realized that I do not belong to any of the sexes. His story on the way to abinanti and homosexuality she shared with the magazine Wonderzine.

Ephraim began to ask questions about their own gender when they realized that does not fit into the dichotomy of “male-female”. “Read works on the history of what is gender perception. Something wrong? Read ancient literature. I’m no good? Read current research. Why is there no one who would be close to me? Read. Who am I? Read. What the hell am I this? And come to the conclusion that the most terrifying is that you don’t feel the connection with the essence of all this, with abstract cultural and social archetypes of Women and Men,” muses the daughter of the artist.

Gender stereotypes surround people from infancy — from the color of the child’s room, ending with the fact that a child is forced to wear things that are taken for either male or female, explains Anna Maria. “Spoil clothes — will abuse. “You’re a girl. Stay sharp!” It’s dripping on the brain over and over again: you’re a girl, don’t go there, don’t do it, beautiful, clean, daub, disguise, visible nipples, little priest, you’re a girl, normal panties, bra, cut shoulders, ugly, no pockets on dresses, you need to shave everything,” she says.

According to Ephraim, all these details have developed into one picture, which at some point start to irritate. She remembers that was the period of revolt, when he thought she was a boy, since she doesn’t like the rituals associated with girls. Realizing himself as a boy, she once again faced with gender stereotypes: “You boy, why do you wear it? You’re not being aggressive enough. Why are you with us, you’re like a kid? Not on-patsanski. Beat him! I need to be more confident”.

On the question of homosexuality Anna Maria responded with a quote from the poem of Denis Frohman “Dear straight people” who wrote that tired to prove that her love is real. According to the daughter of the actor, in Moscow, homophobia is not as strong, although in the past it has faced with its manifestations.

“I have repeatedly heard the term on the street is not the most pleasant thing five or six years ago, even a couple of times trying to beat,” — says the girl.

Anna Maria speaks of himself in the masculine gender. According to her, the father is not homophobic, so both her confession calmly responded, “quite acceptable even joked on this subject.”

A wider audience began to discuss transgender Ephraim after her participation in the show “the Secret in a million”, which was aired on NTV in may.

A week later after the transfer, on the evening of 8 June, Mikhail Efremov, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, caused an accident in the center of Moscow. His SUV drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van, whose driver died in hospital due to blood loss. Efremov was not injured, he was sent under house arrest.

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