“Gazprom” has interfered in the election campaign in Belarus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

The national Bank of Belarus, which replaced the leadership of the BGB, violated the laws of the Republic and the Eurasian economic Union. This is stated in the joint statement of Gazprom and Gazprombank, according to owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

Belgazprombank is among the group of Gazprombank, therefore, the Russian credit organization intervened with the appointment of new managers. The conflict associated with the election campaign in Belarus, as the former head of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko is one of the main competitors of the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko.

The statement indicated that the actions of the national Bank was accompanied by a detention Deputy members of the Board of Belgazprombank, and in addition, they affect the interests of shareholders, customers and depositors. Therefore, Russian companies will seek to protect the legitimate rights of all interested parties by all available legal means.

The state control Committee (SCC) of Belarus carried out searches in the BGB June 11. Was seized more than four million dollars and securities worth more than half a million dollars. Arrested 15 persons, prosecuted under articles on the legalization of funds obtained by criminal means and the evasion of taxes in especially large size.

According to the SCC, Babariko, who headed the Bank from mid-2000 to may 2020 when he announced his intention to participate in elections, is also involved in the crimes.

Commenting on the situation, the candidate himself called the actions of the Belarusian authorities and especially cynical against people with whom he worked. According to Babariko, Belarus needs to sweep away the remnants of the old regime, and his current actions show that the government is willing to use any means to prevent fair elections.

Elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August. In addition to Babariko in the country for the first time in many years has become a popular alternative candidates. Lukashenka says that he will not allow in the Republic of the Maidan.

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