Poland called random “occupation” part of the Czech Republic “misunderstanding”


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The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Poland called the random “occupation” part of the Czech Republic in may, “a misunderstanding.” The representatives of the Polish side said in comments to CNN.

Polish troops were near the border town of pelhřimov, guarding the border with the Czech Republic after its closure due to pandemic coronavirus. According to CNN, in late may they accidentally crossed the border and thus denied access to the local Church of the Czech citizens.

“Setting the border patrol was the result of misunderstandings, not deliberate actions. The situation was quickly corrected and resolved including the Czech Republic”, — said the Polish side. It doesn’t say how long the military has been on the Czech territory.

On 1 June it was reported that the United States almost agreed with Poland about placing in its territory of additional American troops. The total number of units to US in this country can reach 5.5 thousand people. Counts as a command, it will “improve the quality” of the American group.

June 6, Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki expressed hope that the U.S. withdraws its troops from Germany in a short time, and American troops as soon as possible will arrive in the country.

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