The Russians collected the money and buried had lain six years in the morgue the body of a man


www.vsyako.netPhotos from the community “Abituguru-26” in “Vkontakte”

The volunteer search and rescue team “Siberia” from the city of Zheleznogorsk in the Krasnoyarsk region collected money and buried the body of a Russian Alexander K., which nearly six years had been in the morgue. They also needed to find his son and to consent to burial. Information published in the community Zheleznogorsk. “Abituguru-26” in “Vkontakte”.

Alexander K. died in late summer 2014, at that time he was 53. The body was found in his apartment and was taken to the morgue. Son took the necessary documents confirming the man’s death, received on the basis of a burial allowance and disappeared.

May 19 about the situation wrote the local edition of “Today’s newspaper”. According to him, city hospital №51, in the morgue where the body was treated in the plant for improvement of the organization of the funeral, but the institution could not help, as the money for the burial had already received his son, and the new results are not provided. Then the hospital called the police. The situation also joined one of the local MPs, writing requests to the competent authorities.

After the publication of the local people began to offer their help in the burial, but the funeral in the first place required the consent of the son. After the discovery of the son volunteers escorted him to the morgue, where he signed all the necessary documents. To solve problems with them I had to go to the administration and the city Prosecutor’s office.

June 11, Alexander K. was able to bury. Judging by the photos from the community “Abituguru-26”, grave men is in a common area of the cemetery among the other graves. In addition, volunteers have set on his site with a cross and a plate with personal data.

In July 2019 the residents of the Talmensky district of the Altai territory caught from the river the ashes of a world war II veteran Evgeni Doilnitsyna. Relatives refused to take her, as he felt that I had fulfilled his last wish — the man wanted to be buried in their native lands, and the son left the urn in the river Chumysh. Later, the relatives have given permission for the burial of the remains Doilnitsyna on the walk of Fame in the city of Zarinsk, where the man was born and lived for 14 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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