The Russians refused to discounts on accommodation


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In the period of self-isolation, 55 percent of Russians, who rent apartments in large cities, tried to negotiate with the owners to lower rents. Most of them in the discounts refused, according to the materials of the service “Craigslist real Estate” provided “”.

In reality, rates have been cut to just 23 percent of renters (including those who did not try to achieve their reduction). For 72 percent of tenants remained the same charges, and another 5 percent were able to agree on alternative relief. “Tenants and homeowners tried with minimal losses to survive the effects of coronaries — the experts. — However, to reduce the rent was not all, therefore, the parties considered other options: change payment schedule, introducing installments, the payment from the Deposit exclude utilities from the total cost, or even doing repairs in the apartment at the expense of rental premiums.”

According to the observations of analysts, for the quarantine period, many tenants are faced with certain difficulties due to the fact that the apartments lacked certain amenities. For example, the lack of stable Internet has become the most common — the problem noted by 35 percent of respondents “Avito”. 12 percent reported that they were unable to conduct online calls with colleagues due to poor repairs in the rooms. 29 percent of respondents complained about the lack of space in the apartments.

Experts also asked the tenants to talk about the housing plans at the end of the regime of self-isolation. 55 percent of survey participants reported that they would continue to live in the apartments that are rented so far. Others are considering the opportunity of moving: 16 percent will replace the housing for your personal, non-isolation reasons, and 11 percent more are not oriented to the proximity to the place of work and choose a cheaper apartment in another area. 9 percent want to expand the living space, 7 per cent will look for a district with more favorable infrastructure. Others are considering moving because of the inconveniences that had to face during the isolation.

Earlier, in may, Muscovites warned about the threat of fleeing tenants apartments. Customers in the market rental housing becomes smaller, the apartments are released and join the market, which leads to an increase of the level of competition among landlords, said realtors.

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