The woman found an unexpected message in the old Wallpaper during repairs


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Brian Snyder / Reuters

A woman from Australia was renovating his house when he came across a note from a previous owner hidden under the Wallpaper. The discovery gave her very useful advice. This writes the Mirror.

The Australian was cleaning the walls of your home from old Wallpaper when I found an unexpected message from the previous owner. The message, written with a pen, it was a DIY-tutorial (Do It Yourself, DIY) from a certain John. It was dated 21 December 1997.

“If you ever need to glue this bathroom Wallpaper, you will need 8 rolls of Wallpaper,” — said in a note. “[5 December 1997] I only bought 6 rolls at $ 17 a roll, and I didn’t have enough. This makes me very angry,” said the author of the message.

Woman shared her discovery in one of the groups in Facebook. Many users of the social network idea to leave a message like this came to mind, some called it a smart and “caring”. However, there were those who found the disadvantages of such a Council, indicating that the Wallpapers come in different widths and lengths.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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