A friend of his father Ephraim remembered his drunken antics


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Artistic Director of theatre of Satire Alexander Shirvindt, who was a friend of father Michael Efremov, the Director, Oleg Efremov, remembered his drunken antics in his book “Ahead of the obituary.” Excerpts from her quotes StarHit.

In recognition to become famous, to save Ephraim from the trouble he often had. For example, in the two hours of the night could be a call from the theater “Contemporary” with a request to come and help a colleague. “I didn’t even heard what Oleg Nikolaevich, and perlite. At this time, the great Ephraim kept a few people,” he said.

As noted Shirvindt, Efremov hated luxury, and so sometimes after drinking alcohol can scratching and kicking cars outside the theatre, including his own. At that time the machines were signs of unprecedented prosperity, said the artistic Director. However, he noted that sometimes actors act like in a state of intoxication even when sober. “It is very dangerous to refill there yet”, — concluded town.

On the evening of 8 June Efremov, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, caused an accident in the center of Moscow. His car went into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van, whose driver died in hospital due to blood loss. The actor himself was not injured, he was sent under house arrest.

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