China has registered the largest number of cases of coronavirus in two months


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

The national Commission of health registered in China 57 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Reported by the Associated Press.

This is the largest increase in the number of cases over the past two months. Of these, 36 cases were identified in Beijing, where there was an outbreak of the coronavirus in one of the largest wholesale food markets of “Sinhale”.

Earlier, the head of Beijing Fengtai district, Chu Suniva announced the introduction in it of the wartime regime due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the local market. First, severe restrictions were introduced in 11 apartment complexes, located around the market.

The market was closed on Saturday, June 13, after tests 45 out of 517 people who visited him, were positive for coronavirus. As explained by the Manager, the virus was found on Board, which is used for cutting salmon.

The source of a new type of coronavirus is the city of Wuhan, namely the market, which sold wild animals. The first cases were registered in December 2019, although the newspaper South China Morning Post, citing documents the government claims that you know about an unusual coronavirus began in November.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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