Measures for safe use of the pool during the epidemic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

During the epidemic of the coronavirus to swim in the pool safely because it is processed by special disinfectants, however, you should follow certain precautions. Them in conversation with TV channel “Star” called a specialist in biological protection, associate Professor in the Department of physical chemistry of the National research technological University “MISIS” George Frolov.

According to him, by itself, the water does not threaten health, and the likelihood of Contracting through it is minimal, because the virus in such a purified environment will not. The room has showers, changing rooms, bathrooms, and surface there also needs to be treated. However, it is these places Frolov called the most dangerous because the virus may at some point get to the surface. In such cases, after leaving the pool it is necessary to use sanitizers and antibacterial wipes.

To minimize the possibility of infection, before the entrances to the water and after you take a shower and wash with soap and water, and then the virus is washed away. It is also important to observe social distancing.

Earlier, the doctor immunologist-allergist Vladimir Volodin said that the bathhouse may be unsafe because the coronavirus can be transmitted via pairs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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