The abovementioned advantages of Russia’s elderly to the youth after the pandemic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Max Vetrov / RIA Novosti

Older Russians can and should be sought after pandemic coronavirus because of the benefits to the youth, the President of Gerontological society of RAS, corresponding member of RAS, Professor Vladimir Anisimov. He said this in an interview to “Rosbalt”.

“Unlike young people, older professionals have the experience and knowledge that allow them to be the initiators and leaders of various projects”, — said Anisimov.

According to the gerontologist, the longer the Russian pensioners will be involved in the work, the more successful will develop science and technology. “I know a lot of people who are actively working, even though they have 80. There are scientists and our Institute,” added the Professor.

Anisimov also cited the example of the practice in Germany, where scientists at 65 years of retirement, but leave him room, laboratory technicians and equipment, so that it can be a full-time consultant in the Department or in research institutes. “And the longer a person works, the longer it lives. In this sense, aging is not: while we are working, we are young in spirit”, — concluded the scientist.

Earlier in may, senior researcher of Institute of system analysis of RAS Alexander Kononov said that because of the restrictions imposed in the fight against coronavirus, many Russians realize that they can work remotely. According to him, as a result, people will spend less time traveling to the office and can more constructively to build your workflow.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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