Trump wanted to make America great


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Marco Bello / Reuters

The President of the United States Donald trump is in search of a new slogan for his election campaign. About it writes The Washington Post, citing its sources.

Initially, a campaign trump 2020 was held under the slogan “let’s Keep America great” (Keep America Great) — at least so was written on the caps sold on the official web-site of the campaign and the signs of which brandished his supporters, also discussed in television advertising.

Recently, however, the US President retreated from an official slogan, reviving the motto of 2016 “let’s Make America great again” (Make America Great Again) and trying new options: “move to greatness” (Transition to Greatness), “the Best is yet to come” (The Best Is Yet to Come) is a phrase from a song by Frank Sinatra, engraved on the gravestone of the singer.

The publication notes that this step was taken due to the economic crisis in the country caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and amid nationwide protests. It is also noted that the electoral staff became less likely to use the slogan “Promises given, promises fulfilled” (Promises Made, Promises Kept). According to close trump, the new slogan will be announced in the coming weeks, the newspaper writes.

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