A new species of dinosaur


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Argentine paleontologists have discovered a new species of dinosaur. Ancient animals were like the wings of a limb, which were used during the run, reports the publication Infobae.

The dinosaur fossils were found in the Western part of the province of Rio Negro (Argentina) in 2013, but the remains of the animal has been unable to classify. In 2018, experts have formed a new expedition and found more remains of dinosaurs. Discovered an animal called opererator.

A distinctive feature of operaration was the presence of strong elements on the front legs, like the wings of modern birds. The researchers noted that animals could not fly, and were used like wings spines during movement. Also on the hindquarters of operaration was a large claw, which could be used while hunting.

Anatomical study revealed found that the animal had long limbs and small size — about one and a half meters in length. Overcapture could very quickly move using legs with wings for balance and sudden changes of direction. Because of the modest dimensions of ancient animals lived near large dinosaurs and hunted lizards.

According to researchers, overwrapper lived on the territory of present-day Argentina about 90 million years ago. The closest relatives of the animals was named small predators rahonavis, whose population was distributed in the Cretaceous period on the territory of modern Madagascar.

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