American didn’t believe the dark skinned owner of the property and disgraced


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White American called the police because of the inscription Black Lives Matter (“black Lives matter”) that had been left on the curb near his home a native of the Philippines. She made a remark to a resident of San Francisco James Juanillo (James Juanillo), not believing that he was the owner of the property, and was disgraced in social networks. About this he wrote in Twitter account, attaching a video.

On common frames Lisa Alexander (Lisa Alexander) condescendingly asked Juanillo, whether he belongs to the house, near which he was inscribed. At this time her husband stands behind, filming everything on video. In response, the landlord wonders why she asks him about it. “Because it’s private property, and you spoil her. You are free to Express their opinion, but not here,” the didactic tone she says, not assuming that a colored man may be the owner of the house.

Knowing about it, the black man says, would consider it his behavior is normal, if he lived here. Woman smiling, says that reprimanded him because he lives near and knows the real owner of the premises. After that, the native of the Philippines invites her to call the police if she is sure he is right.

The record became popular on social media, causing outrage users, writes The New York Post. A woman dubbed a household name Karen, which represent in the US white women are aggressive towards minorities.

Upon learning of his error, the American apologized Juanillo. “There are no words to describe how I am truly sorry that I disrespected him by asking him what he was doing in front of his house,” she says. Alexander added that he was aware of the racist overtones of your comments and learned an important lesson.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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