Beijing warned of the very high risk of the spread of coronavirus


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Authorities in Beijing have warned about the very high risk of the spread of the coronavirus because of the new flash on the largest wholesale market of the city. This was stated by the head of the press service of the city government Xu Hejian, reports RIA Novosti.

He stressed that the authorities will take drastic measures, and conduct epidemiological investigation on the market and in the surrounding areas will reveal the source of the virus and will test people in the hearth of infection and the surrounding areas.

Representatives of the government of Beijing announced that on Sunday, June 14, the city tested the COVID-19 76 499 people, 59 tests were positive.

However, in the morning statistics on Monday, June 15, it was noted that over the past day, it was revealed 42 cases of infection with coronavirus, 36 of them with clinical manifestations. In six cases the disease proceeded without symptoms. Now in city hospitals there are 79 people with COVID-19.

Until 11 June in Beijing for 56 days did not reveal a single case of infection with coronavirus. Later, the head of Beijing Fengtai district, Chu Suniva announced the introduction in it of the wartime regime due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the local market, “Signpad”. Citizens living in 11 apartment complexes, located around the market, do not have the right to leave their homes and are obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation. Classes opened in three elementary schools and three kindergartens stopped, and all the others are obliged to defer the resumption of the work.

The market was closed on Saturday, June 13, after tests 45 out of 517 people who visited him, were positive for coronavirus. As explained by the Manager, the virus was found on Board, which is used for cutting salmon. The infected fish came from a closed seafood market Zinsen, there before the focus of infection.

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