Estimated duration and sleep quality during the quarantine



Quarantine of coronavirus has provided a more precise sleep schedule due to which they became longer sleep. However, the quality of sleep during this time is significantly decreased. About this newspaper the Daily Mail.

Researchers from the University of Basel interviewed 435 people in the period from 23 March to 26 April 2020. It was found that sleep duration, 75 percent of respondents increased on average by 15 minutes. According to experts, due to the fact that people are spending less time on personal goals: for example, meetings with friends and relatives.

“Usually we expect a decrease in social jetlag (violation of the order of the day for personal purposes — approx. “Of the”) will be associated with improvement in sleep quality. However, in our sample, overall quality of sleep decreased,” — said cognitive neuroscientist Christine bloom, who led the study. According to her, this is due to the increase in the level of anxiety on the background of the pandemic.

A similar study was conducted among 139 students of the University of Colorado. By moving classes online, they began to sleep on average 30 minutes longer on weekdays and 24 minutes longer during the weekend. According to the head of research Kenneth Wright, poor quality of sleep entails the exacerbation of chronic diseases, mental and immune disorders, and reduces productivity.

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