Germany figured out a way to rescue the “Nord stream-2”


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Germany came up with a way to save the project of construction of the Russian export gas pipeline “Nord stream-2”. For this, it can violate the laws of the European Union, in particular, the Gas Directive. In this case, the pipeline will be able to work at full capacity, writes the Polish edition BiznesAlert.

The authors point out approved by the German authorities of the hydrogen strategy, which includes increased use of gas in power generation. First of all we are talking about “green” hydrogen, however, Berlin can use “blue”.

This interpretation strategy completely coincides with the intentions of “Gazprom”, which is going to bleed the “blue” hydrogen “Nord stream-2” — it can get it from the incoming gas.

Hydrogen will not be limitations of the Gas Directive and Third energy package of the EU. According to their provisions, all the pipelines on the EU territory must provide access to their facilities at least two independent suppliers. In the case of “Nord stream-2” is impossible, since the fuel it can flow only from Russia. Because of this pipeline capacity is used only half.

Pumping hydrogen will be the way out of the situation, the authors note. It is in this scenario, the interest both Germany and other EU countries, because hydrogen is about 25-30 percent more environmentally friendly than natural gas and will allow to achieve the objectives to reduce emissions of carbon.

In the coming years, Germany plans to spend nine billion euros for the promotion of the strategy for the use of hydrogen, including outside the EU. One of the first countries outside of the block should be Morocco. Implementation of plans will allow Berlin to become one of the key European fuel suppliers.

Earlier, the German government expressed regret because of the intent of the US authorities to impose new sanctions against companies involved in the project of construction of “Nord stream-2”.

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