Gudkov explained the joke Sobchak rape Kostyushkina


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Russian comedian Alexander Gudkov in a comment for Telegram-channel “Antigenic” explain the joke TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, who in his YouTube show he remembered the rape of singer Stas Kostushkin in childhood.

Gudkov said that the movie is Sobchak political satire, “a reflection of our reality”. “There was an interview [Kostyushkina] on the channel “Super”, it was resonant because of the taboo of this topic in Russia, and Ksenia as a person self-ironic, witty, and many do not believe, but also totally thoughtful, responded,” said the comedian.

He noted that the phrase Sobchak is not actually about child abuse and about fear of the expansion of police powers. “And it’s not for to laugh, and be horrified not less,” — considered rings.

Sobchak made a joke about rape Kostyushkina in the satirical video on his channel. Leading, thinking about politics, said: “well, what will happen? We will start the drugs in the car to throw? And then generally all will rape, as Stas Kostushkin?” He rebuked the lead, explaining that there are themes that “are in no way suited to the satirical content.”

A former member of the Duo “Tea for two” in may, admitted that he had been abused by a pedophile when he was eight years old. The musician decided to share this story because of fear for their children. A few days Kostyushkin has recorded a video message in which he said that after the recognition of it began to “throw mud”.

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