Has first series of the British series about Skrobala, “Beginner” and Salisbury


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Has first series of the British art show “Poisoning in Salisbury”, a story about the poisoning of former GRU officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia nervously-paralytic substance “Newbie”. The episode was shown on air “bi-Bi-si” in the evening, June 14, reports TASS.

Noted, the actors role Skrobala, first series, no replicas. They appear for a few moments in the frame, showing symptoms of poisoning. Then the viewer is invited to follow the actions of the residents, who by chance was in the middle of it.

So, in the first episode the two main storylines dedicated police officer nick Bailey, hospitalized after visiting the home Skripal, the head of public health Services in Wiltshire Tracy Daskevich trying to minimize the consequences of emergency for residents of Salisbury.

Of the screen time is given to the friend and neighbour Skripal Ross Cassidy and suffering from alcohol addiction don Sturges, who later becomes a victim of poisoning in Amesbury.

The authors of the series have positioned it as a story, “based on the testimonies of participants and detailed interviews.” Will be shown only three series of “Poisonings in Salisbury”. The second and third episodes will be released on June 15 and 16. In the shootings took part Anne-Marie Duff, Naomi young, and Chris Wilson. The role of Sergei Skripal was performed by Wayne Swann, his daughter Jill of Winternitz.

Former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, according to British authorities, was poisoned on 4 March 2018 developed in the USSR nerve substance is “new” result of the operation with the participation of GRU staff.

In London believe that the attack was sanctioned by the highest leadership of Russia. Was later named the names of the alleged poisoners — they were some Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. Moscow denies any involvement in the incident with Kripalani. According to the Bellingcat investigation and The Insider, Bashirov really is the personnel officer of the Russian military intelligence, Colonel Anatoly Caigoy, and Petrov — a military doctor, an employee of the GRU Alexander Mishkin.

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