Hopeless patient recovered from coronavirus, and returned home to four children


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The father of four children in recovery which did not believe even the doctors, recovered from a new coronavirus infection and returned home. It is reported by The Sun.

In March, 53-year-old Giovanni Sapia (Giovanni Sapia) from the English County of Essex has contracted the coronavirus. It was urgently hospitalized, and the doctors were placed in the throat of the patient an endotracheal tube for removal of mucus from the lungs. Soon the man appeared heart failure, and he fell into a coma.

“I was very nervous. Every time my phone rang, I was afraid to pick up the phone. It seemed to me that the doctors will inform me of the death of her husband,” admitted the wife of the patient, a 35-year-old Anna. The hospital staff repeatedly told her to prepare for the worst and called the patient hopeless.

Soon, however, Sapia all of a sudden has gone on the amendment, and in may he was discharged from the hospital. Doctors say the man will need several months to recover, but his condition is rapidly improving. “I was afraid I would never see his wife and children. My recovery is a miracle. I am grateful to the doctors and all who cared for me,” admitted Sepia.

While the man was in the hospital, family and friends have actively supported him, wrote him messages and recorded video with wishes. “Many have lost their loved ones in the fight against coronavirus. I ask everyone to follow the rules of isolation to stop the spread of the disease. Do not lose hope and believe in a miracle”, — appealed to the public Anna.

Earlier it was reported about a British citizen who contracted the coronavirus. In his recovery did not believe the doctors, but all of a sudden the man is on the mend and soon returned home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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