In the Ministry of communications has urged to disperse journalists “Sheets”


www.vsyako.netAlexey Volente: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

The Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Alexei Volin in an interview to the project “Digital journalism” called to disperse the journalists of the newspaper “Vedomosti” refused to accept the new editor-in-chief Andrew Shmarova. So he reacted to the conflict in the wording.

According to Volin, in a situation when employees refuse to work under the supervision of the editor appointed by the owner, there’s only one recourse: immediate dismissal of all dissent. “In the wording is always the main one person — and this person is called the managing editor. If the main editor in the editorial is not the main, then it is not the editor, and some kind of guerrilla unit,” said the official.

Earlier on 15 June it became known that the Board of Directors of the publisher “Sheets” joint — stock company “Business news media” — Shmarova appointed editor-in-chief of the newspaper. In protest of the dismissal was announced, all five Vice-editor-in-chief. “The decision of the Board of Directors consider it unprofessional to put up with him. But since all the possibilities for persuasion are exhausted and a final decision is made, we have no other choice but to leave,” they said in a joint statement.

Shmarov for three months he held the position of acting editor-in-chief and during that time not once entered a conflict with the journalists. In March, Shmarov said he was not familiar with the code edition. He also, without consent of the author changed the title of this article, has removed the content and banned to publish news based on the research of “Levada-center”. Shmarova candidacy was supported by the new owner, “Vedomosti”, founded by “FederalPress” by Ivan Ariminum.

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