Lawyer Ephraim explained the reason for the failure of the family Zakharov help


www.vsyako.netMichael Efremovich: press service of the Tagansky court / RIA Novosti

Lawyer Elman Pashayev, protecting the actor of Michael Efremova, praised the decision by the family of the deceased in the accident Sergei Zakharov refuse to help his client. He told this in an interview with “Fifth channel”.

According to him, relatives Zakharova are going to get more money than they offer currently. Pashayev explained that passed in the Ryazan region, where the victim, 800 kilometers to reach an agreement with the injured party, however, the relatives did not contacted.

The lawyer added that if relatives explained the consequences of their decisions, they wouldn’t do that. “It’s all the same, the payment of money does not mean that it is exempt from criminal liability. Unfortunately, someone makes a dirty PR. It will suffer the aggrieved party”, he concluded.

Earlier, lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, representing the interests of relatives Zakharova, said that they want the matter investigated under the law. According to him, Zakharov’s family was hurt that the actor has released a video message, but to contact them personally not tried.

13 Jun Efremov recorded a video message and asked it for forgiveness from the relatives of the deceased his fault Zakharova. He also offered to help them. Zakharov’s family refused to help the artist and did not accept his apology.

The accident by Efremov in a drunken state on the Garden ring in the evening of 8 June, killed driver Sergey Zakharov. He received multiple injuries and died in hospital. Later in the body of Ephraim found traces of drugs. On the evening of 9 June, the Tagansky court of Moscow has sent to the actor under house arrest.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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