Posner speculate about behind the promotion of the scandal surrounding the Ephraim Director


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TV presenter Vladimir Pozner, answering the question of whether to punish rigidly staged a fatal accident actor Mikhail Yefremov, refused to feel sorry for him. His opinion quotes the edition “Business Online”.

“Mikhail Efremov drinking, and for a long time and a lot of. And the fact that he sits, and not for the first time behind the wheel, being completely drunk, it’s the irresponsibility that led to the fact that he killed a man. This man I feel sorry for. I feel sorry for his wife, two children. Here you can regret it,” explained Posner. He hoped that the punishment of Ephraim will be the same as for the unknown person who killed another person while drunk driving. Posner called Ephraim brilliant actor, however, hoped that the court will not take this into account.

Posner also appreciated the point of view that the unwinding of the history of Ephraim is a Director, and the scandal is inflated in order to distract attention of Russians from other problems in the country. “I think all the hyping. This story, of course, attracts attention, because it is a well-known person. So, of course, all wildly excited about it,” reasoned the broadcaster, adding that “exactly the same thing it would in any country.” In his opinion, people in General “are of little interest to discuss economic issues.”

On the evening of 8 June Efremov, who was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, caused an accident in the center of Moscow. His car went into the oncoming lane and crashed into a van, whose driver died in hospital due to blood loss. The actor himself was not injured, he was sent under house arrest.

Field fatal accident for the actor stood up, some representatives of the creative environment. In particular, the singer Lyubov Uspenskaya said that Ephraim cannot be put in jail, and should be treated. It intends to create a petition in support of the artist, and plans to encourage colleagues.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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