Returning to work the flight attendant told me about the real situation in the aircraft


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Returning to work an American flight attendant was told about the real situation in the aircraft during a pandemic coronavirus. The story of a man leads Los Angeles Times.

According to the flight attendant, he and his colleagues from late March to may were on unpaid leave due to the reduction of flights. Then the airline, which employs people, have not yet implemented security protocols to prevent the spread COVID-19: no one onboard was wearing a mask, and the pilots and flight attendants are not subjected to thermal scanning before performing the work.

By 22 may, when the man returned to work and made the first two months the flight from Miami international airport, the new rules have already acted, and he added to them “some of their own”: I bought additional masks, gloves and disinfectants hands.

“The day I put on my uniform and jumped in the car to 40 minutes to get to the airport, and felt ready to fly. But then came the setback: on the freeway exploded of the rear wheel, and I had to change it right there, under the scorching sun of South Florida to catch a flight. My face was dripping streams of sweat, and his uniform shirt was soaked through. (…) I was afraid that the intense heat and sweating will interfere with my ability to undergo a scan at the airport,” admitted the steward, adding that the new Protocol involves the removal from any flight crew member with fever.

However, according to the man, he successfully passed the checkpoint and was admitted to a safe area. The flight also was uneventful, the passengers hardly talked to each other, and the flight attendants interacted with them only in issuing bags with water and cereal bars, and at the time of planting. All this time, said the steward and his colleagues, was “strangely calm”.

“Maybe it’s the masks on their faces, and drown out our voices, making words difficult over the roar of aircraft engines. Or we were all muted sense of alarm,” he said.

The flight attendant added that the Board were 130 passengers, while on its last March the flight from Miami to San Juan (Puerto Rico), there were only 14. “It is possible that increased security measures increases confidence that we can fly again,” concluded the member of the crew.

Earlier it was reported that returning to work after a pandemic, a flight attendant for Irish airline talked about the oddities in flight. According to flight attendants, Dublin airport seemed “too quiet”, and in the harbors of the United States upon arrival, was “no less scary”.

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