Russian woman for seven years he lived in the airport



Born in the city of Sochi Russian woman Lyudmila Lisitsyna for seven years living in the terminal in the Irkutsk airport. About the unusual inhabitant of the hub, told the Telegram-channel Mash.

The woman at the time worked on a rotational basis and lived with a family member in the apartment. Then about 19 years ago — he threw her out. Lisitsyna had to stay at the airport. She sleeps on certain chairs, washes in a public bathroom. 69-year-old Russian woman repeatedly tried to get social workers, but their assistance was rejected.

Airport staff chased the Russian, but I hope that the woman will help the family. She told the Mash that she has an apartment that, according to the pensioner, illegally seized.

The situation in which a Russian woman, recalls the story of the popular Hollywood movie “the Terminal”. The main character of this tragicomedy — a newcomer from Eastern Europe (a role played by Tom Hanks) — arrives in new York, and by coincidence gets stuck at the local airport. He is forced to survive in the transit area. The plot — a true story that occurred in the 1980s year with the Iranian refugee, who had to live 18 years in the Paris airport because his documents were stolen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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