The man found in the Park lost 97 years ago a gold ring


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Western Military Academy

In the American city of Alton, Illinois, a man found in a Park lost 97 years ago a gold ring. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

Steve Aemon (Steve Aimone) described how in winter, were walking through the Park with a metal detector and found a gold ring weighing ten carats. Hunter treasure is convinced that the decoration of nearly a century ago was lost and not intentionally buried. He explained that a valuable thing lay only seven or eight centimeters under the ground.

Eamonn did a little investigation and found out that he found the ring belonged to a graduate of a private military Academy Volle Mervyn (Mervin E. Volle). The jewel dates back to 1923. Eamonn found out that after graduating from the Academy Volle was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel and sent to the Second world war. Soldier died in California.

Later Eamonn contacted a distant relative Volle and said that the owner of the rings was married and had a child. Now the treasure hunt-an Amateur trying to find this kid and give him the ornament of the father.

At the end of may it was reported that a treasure hunter from Texas has helped the pair to find the fallen into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico wedding ring. The woman lost a treasure when he played her lover in water volleyball.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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