“The most famous gorilla of Africa,” died at the hands of poachers


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In Uganda, four poachers were arrested for the murder of a mountain gorilla named Rafiki — the pack leader and favorite of tourists. It is reported by CNN.

Rangers of the Bwindi impenetrable national Park has lost sight of Rafiki on 1 June. The next day they found in the woods the body of a monkey. Post-mortem examination revealed that Rafiki died at the hands of man — his fatally wounded in the stomach by something sharp.

4 Jun Rangers arrested a suspicious man, and seized his boar meat and guns for hunting. He admitted that he killed Rafiki, but did it in self-defense. The poacher’s accomplices also arrested, are awaiting trial. They face life imprisonment or a fine in the amount of 5.4 million dollars (379 million), said The Mirror. The journalists called Rafiki “one of the most famous gorillas of Africa.”

In the pack Rafiki left three young males, eight adult females, three teenagers and three young. The male, who was about 25 years old, was the first leader who led his flock to the southern part of the national Park. His name translated from Swahili means “friend.” Neither he nor members of his pack have never shown aggression to people. The animal protection Department of Uganda called the death of Rafiki as “a huge blow”.

Bwindi national Park, also known as the Impenetrable forest Bwindi is located in Uganda along the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Most known for the fact that its territory is home to about 340 mountain gorillas, around half the total. Near the forest is home to many poor people who often break the law and cut down trees and hunt wild animals in the national Park.

Mountain gorillas are endangered. In all the world there are about 800 individuals in the wild, there are only two populations: one living in the Impenetrable forest, Bwindi and the other in the volcanic mountains of Virunga.

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