The network has remembered the most embarrassing family traditions


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Netizens shared a weird family tradition, which seemed to them something common, but others were very unusual and sometimes shocking. Under the post Dnewkirk87 on Reddit they remembered habits, abnormality of which became apparent only when dealing with outsiders.

A user with the nickname Rhodehouse93 told that as a child was visiting a friend and was very surprised to find that his father lived in the same house all the time. His own father came once a year on the day of birth of the child. Another user shared that the family was forced to say, “I love you.” When he first said these words is not a man of family, he was extremely surprised, as I was sure that Declaration of love can be forced.

AntebellumEm said that his house is constantly added to the English language the German word, although his family lived in the USA since 1902. When the commenter was a child, he didn’t understand that uses words from another language, and often got into awkward situations. One of the lady complained that the parents discussed their sexual life. Clifton3rds was put in an awkward situation, as he was sure that stealing food from other people’s plates — that’s fine. The man learned that other families don’t do that when I was visiting the parents of his future wife.

CafeSilver told me that his aunt from Texas keeps in the freezer for a special box where throws are caught in the house of the Scorpions. “She was not able to answer, why not just kill them and throw in the trash,” said the user. PumpkinPatch404 admitted that his family saved water, so didn’t flush after using the toilet to urinate. One day he visited the home of a friend and was very surprised by his family that didn’t flush.

Earlier in may, netizens discussed the strange habit that they noticed for snacking men. Buzzfeed journalist Danielle Emanuel (Daniella Emanuel) told me that her father first shakes snacks in hand and only after that sends them into his mouth. It turned out that so do many grown men: users shared the video, in which their fathers demonstrate this habit.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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