The Professor hurt his leg, contracted the coronavirus in the hospital and died


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Igor Ivanko / “Kommersant”

A Professor from Moscow hurt his leg, returned from the hospital with coronavirus, and later died. Relatives of suspected medical malpractice. About this in Facebook said his granddaughter Anastasia Aronova.

She wrote that her 80-year-old grandfather — Colonel, candidate of military Sciences, Professor of the Academy of foreign intelligence Service (SVR) retired Yuri Sokolov. On 17 March he was injured, and septic, then put it in city clinical hospital №20 named after Eramishantsev and had surgery. Less than a week he was sent home with an open wound, and without treatment regimen. The next day he had a fever, a day later it rose to 40 degrees, the man stopped walking and understand what is happening.

“I must say that the hospital in 20 GSC no kovida was not even close. He never left and besides my grandmother with no one to contact,” said Aronov, alluding to the fact that her grandfather had contracted during hospitalization.

Family tried to call an ambulance, but no one clinic did not want to take the pensioner, because by law it has to take performing the surgery the facility. In GKB №20 were not engaged in treatment COVID-19 and the patient refused. After much persuasion the patient was sent to hospital №15 named after Filatov. There is a coronavirus was confirmed.

From 27 March to 2 June Sokolov was treated, then he was discharged and brought home an “unconscious”, he could not walk, sit and eat. The treatment recommendations in the statement were not. On the question of why it was returned in this form, the doctors said that they brought down the temperature, and the rest is supposedly associated with age diagnoses.

A day spent at home Professor managed to infect the cohabitants, and he again had a fever. In critical condition he was taken to another hospital name of the city. After this family a few days knew nothing about the health of the elderly man until June 7 from the morgue they were not informed about his death and that they need to take the body.

“In two weeks he was killed in hospitals, Yes, of course there is the presumption of innocence, but in another way not to call what happened”, — said the author of the post.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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