Germany has refused to change its position on the “Nord stream-2” because of US sanctions


www.vsyako.netHeiko of Macphoto: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Berlin refuses to change its position on construction of the gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” because of possible U.S. sanctions. The words of the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas leads TASS.

According to the head of the German foreign Ministry, Washington’s plans for the introduction of new restrictions do not change anything for Germany with respect to the “Nord stream-2”. “The sanctions that are being discussed, in our opinion, are extraterritorial in nature, we reject them,” said Maas.

15 Jun Maas spoke about the difficult relationship between Berlin and Washington. In addition to the “Nord stream-2”, now the differences between countries also relate to the expenditure of Germany on defense. In this regard, the President of the United States Donald trump said that America will not withdraw its troops from German territory, if Berlin is not to violate the agreement on military budgets within NATO.

In early June, the U.S. planned the extension of sanctions against the “Nord stream-2” and made a draft for consideration in the Senate.

The gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” from Russia to Germany under the Baltic sea was supposed to start in late 2019. The project launch date was postponed to the turn of the 2020-2021 years, first because of the position of Denmark, which did not coordinate the route of the project through their water, and then due to restrictions by the US against companies involved in the project.

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