Girl broke up with sweetheart-blogersha and sued her for libel


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The lady Reddit with nick AberStafsha told about how he broke up with his sweetheart-blogersha, and then decided to go to court because she made it up on his YouTube channel.

According to AberStafsha, she was in a relationship with a girl for about a year and it suited all, except that blog to the partner was most important. A few months after the breakup, some friends advised her to watch the video on the channel of her ex-girlfriend. It turned out that the ex-girlfriend of the narrator has recorded a video in which he accused her of emotional abuse. Then AberStafsha began to receive strangers with messages that called her a horrible person and wanted her dead.

Then she decided to go to court. She knew that her ex-partner will not be able to pay court costs, but neither this nor the request of friends to stop didn’t stop her. The court sided with the author of the post. After that, the popularity of the channel, her ex-girlfriend began to fall, and in the end she accused AberStafsha that she ruined her life. Many friends also said that she had gone too far, but comments on Reddit, many have supported a storyteller.

“Actions have consequences. Her video could ruin your life, this was, apparently, no one thought of that?” — wrote Nozxx. A user with the nickname littlegremlinsparky also recognized that the author is 100 percent right, and her former lover were engaged in slander. Many also noted that the blogger had no right to publicly discuss their relationship and put her to blame.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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