Have been married for 76 years, wife died of coronavirus with a difference in two weeks


www.vsyako.netBill and Jill Photo: Ron Calderone

100-year-old wife who have been married 76 years, had contracted the new coronavirus infection and died within two weeks. It is reported by People.

In March, 72-year-old Ron Calderon (Ron Calderone) of the U.S. state of Rhode island brought their 100 year old parents, bill (Bill) and Jill (Jill), in a nursing home. He soon learned that the institution had occurred the outbreak of disease coronavirus. Both husband and wife took the test and got a positive result. “As soon as I was diagnosed, I called my parents on video. I have never seen my father so weak he barely had the strength to answer my questions,” said Ron.

In March, the son was visited several times by sick parents. One day he brought his mother a statuette, which she received for the dance at the school dance son in 1962. Despite the fact that Jill had Alzheimer’s, the woman immediately remembered the memorable thing. Two months later, with a difference in two weeks, both parents Ron died from complications of coronavirus. “They were my whole life. It was very hard to lose people you knew in ’72” — admitted the man.

Despite the fact that pensioners have been infected in the nursing home, Ron doesn’t blame staff. He thanked them for taking care of his parents in the last weeks of their lives. The man hopes that people will start getting serious about the coronavirus and realize that it can threaten their health and life.

Earlier it was reported about a couple from England who have lived together for 76 years and died with a difference in 15 days. Husband died from the coronavirus, and the wife of old age.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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