Mother and daughter tried to drive out of the supermarket for the vulgar appearance


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Chantell Humphreys

Englishwoman of Chantell Humphries (Humphreys Chantell) and her daughter Isabel (Isabelle) tried to drive out of the supermarket due to the fact that they came shopping for crop tops. It is reported by The Sun.

Mother and daughter visited a grocery store Adsa in the coastal town of Broadstairs, England, cropped shirts. As soon as the visitors went inside, the staff asked them to leave the shopping area, arguing that they look tacky.

“The Manager told us, they say, is the same as going without a top. I was stunned by this comparison. The day was very hot, and we didn’t have to walk around in scarves and coats”, — said 46-year-old Humphries.

In the end, the employee of the supermarket allowed the relatives to stay, but they left the shop on their own in protest. “It was offensive. Everybody was staring at us, although in our clothes, there was nothing bad”, — said the client, noting that she and her daughter vowed never to return to this place.

In turn, the representative of Adsa said: “We understand that in warmer weather some of our buyers visit the beach. However, we ask them to care for other clients and to dress appropriately when they come shopping”.

In June of 2019 fat American woman kicked out of restaurant because of the excess weight. According to the woman, officers located in Pennsylvania institutions put out after complaints from other visitors on its allegedly too revealing clothes. After the Manager was unable to explain the cause of denial of service, she decided that it discriminated against just for completeness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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