Named the most sought after quarantine stars


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Named the most sought after quarantine stars. About this newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to the promoter, Sergei Lavrov, currently increased the demand for “cheap artists” such as Shura or Alexander Marshall. “And I want to see artists who sing Patriotic songs: [Oleg] Gazmanov, Valeria”, — he explained.

The concert organizer said that against the background of a pandemic, the fees of the musicians fell. If we talk about corporate presentations, prices fell by 30-40 percent. While Lavrov added that to make conclusions about the decrease in earnings from concerts yet. He said that the organizers have agreed that will now work with the artists on “cashier”.

“Like, how many tickets sold, from this amount and will pay the fee of the artist. For example, from ticket sales earned a million, do the math: 200 thousand was spent on rent, plus advertising costs, hotel, and meals of the team. And ten percent of the profits usually gets the tour organizer. And everything else is given to the singer,” explained Lavrov.

In April, the organizer of concerts Igor Kovalyov said that the music industry in Russia suffers huge losses due to the pandemic coronavirus. He said that Philip cancelled the tour in the Baltic States, which lost 50 million rubles.

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