Online services for visually impaired and blind people passed the test


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Charity Foundation Alisher Usmanov “the Art, science and sport” in the framework of the program “Special view” as a joint project with Everland, which deals with employment of people with disabilities, has completed testing of online services for visually impaired and blind people. This was stated by the Director of the Foundation Maria Krasnikova, according to a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

Results of the tests it was found that about 21 percent of the companies have websites or mobile apps almost absolute accessibility to people with special needs. Among the first were: the portal of public services of Moscow, Federal tax service (FNS), PayPal, airports, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo and the hypermarket “O’kay”. On the second place of the rating was Bad, the service “”, Sberbank, Russian Railways and the store “Platypus”.

The study was conducted from December to April of this year. It was attended by 26 persons with disabilities, including the blind 14 web developers, experienced in this time more than 200 websites and mobile applications on Android and iOS for accessibility criteria to the people with special needs. During the study touched on online services in areas such as: shops, financial and government offices, taxies, mobile operators, freelance platform, job search and others.

According to Krasnikov, while science is looking for innovative solutions to restore vision, society can create a comfortable environment for people with disabilities in many spheres of life, including on the Internet. “We hope that this study will encourage many companies to adapt their channels of communication and trade for the blind and visually impaired people. Moreover, perhaps it will inspire IT developers and designers to create in the future gadgets that are gentle on our vision,” said she.

According to statistics from the all-Russia society blind (VOS), in Russia there are about 103 thousand blind people who are working in many companies. To use the online platforms they install on smartphones and computers, screen readers, voice assistants, reading text from screens. However, while they are not available on all online platforms of the Russian Internet space. Problems often encountered by people with disabilities, related to the registration of orders — in particular, with the choice of city or address on an interactive map, with the date selection in the calendar.

In February it was reported that the ANO “Institute for the development of the Internet” will conduct a study of the accessibility of government websites for people with disabilities (HIA). A study ordered by the Ministry of labour and social protection. According to General Director of ANO “IRI” Anton Klyuchkina, this is the first such work in Russia.

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