Peskov responded to the appearance in the stores of the Constitution, as amended


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Official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded to the message about the beginning of sales of the Russian Constitution amended, the vote which will take place on 1 July. According to him, there is “nothing special.” About this Peskov said in a conversation with belonging to Gregory Berezkin edition of the RBC on Tuesday, June 16.

“Especially since there clearly indicates that [the basic law] shall enter into force only after the vote. You need to publish something for which people will vote,” — said Peskov.

RBC purchased the booklet with the proposed version of the Constitution of the publishing house “omega-L” in the shop “Read-city”. On the cover of the brochure stated: “the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Comes into force from the day of official publication of results of national voting”. The publication claims that the Constitution as amended can be bought in the shop “Biblio-the globe” via pre-order on the website. In addition to the “omega-L” brochure also published by the publishing house “Eksmo” and “Prospect.”

According to the Director of publishing house “Prospekt” Leonid Reznikova, edition of the Constitution with the changes introduced into circulation legally and not misleading, insofar as it added the law “On the amendment to the Constitution of the Russian Federation”. The representative of the network “Read-city” called “common practice” dissemination of draft regulations for informational purposes. In the case that the amendments will not take brochures with the Constitution would be removed from sale, said the source publication.

To make changes to the Constitution proposed was proposed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly in January. The bill, the state Duma adopted on March 11. On the same day it was approved by the Federation Council.

Initially, the vote on the amendments was scheduled to be held on April 22, but due to the pandemic in the fashion industry, it had to be postponed. After the improvement of the epidemiological situation, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced a new date for voting is July 1, and urged Russians to take to the voting active participation.

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