Revealed the secret meaning of the brooch Queen Elizabeth II at a military parade


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Experts revealed the importance of the brooch, which the Queen of England appeared during the parade. It is reported by Town&Country.

On Saturday, June 13, in honor of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II was held the parade of Trooping the Colour. Because of the restrictions imposed on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus, a military parade was held in the courtyard of Windsor castle instead of the square at Buckingham Palace in Central London.

During the event, the Queen received congratulations from the composite regiment of the Welsh guards who marched with distancing. She was dressed in a suit of blue tint, white gloves, black shoes on a small heel and a hat to match the outfit. In addition, her jacket was complemented by precious jewelry — diamond brooch given to her Welsh guard.

It is known that the diamond is the emblem of the five household regiments: guard Coldstream, Grenadier guards, as well as Irish, Scottish and Welsh guards. “The brooch was probably made of pendant, presented aunt Elizabeth II, Princess Mary, in 1922,” — said representatives of the Royal jewelry blog Cort Jeweller.

According to the publication, coming out in the decoration, the Queen of England expressed deference to the first battalion of the guards, performed the ceremony Trooping the Colour. At the moment, mentioned battalion is on guard at Windsor castle.

In April, the color of lipstick the Queen of great Britain, who addressed the nation in a pandemic coronavirus discovered the secret message. Journalists believe that for the broadcast she was wearing lipstick orange shade to “boost the morale” of society. It is known that Queen Elizabeth II prefers beauty brands Elizabeth Arden and Clarins.

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