The administration of the Macron demanded to send rioted Chechens


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Eric Gaillard / Reuters

The French authorities known part rioted in Dijon, members of the Chechen community, they can be expelled from the country. About it reports TASS.

Source BFM TV in the administration of President Emmanuel Macron said that the police know the identity of some Chechens who participated in the riots, as most of them have refugee status. Moreover, Elysee Palace, demanded the interior Ministry to consider the issue of deportation involved foreigners.

Earlier it was reported that in Dijon to prevent violence on the part of the Chechen community was sent to 37 members of the special police unit, as well as 110 law enforcement officers from other regions.

The riot began after members of the Diaspora decided to take revenge for the alleged brutal beating of 16-year-old Chechen local drug traffickers. According to local media reports, June 15, over 150 natives of Chechnya gathered in the streets of Dijon for the accomplishment of revenge. Many of them were armed. On 15 June it was reported that in clashes 11 people were injured, some in serious condition.

Chechen Diaspora and the previously reported conflict with the bandits in France: at the end of April in nice skirmish, which wounded two of the Chechens. A little later, a mass fight with participation of natives of Chechnya happened near the city of Troyes: about 50 men with bats and iron bars attacked migrants from Africa.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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