The infectious diseases specialist evaluated the probability to be infected by the coronavirus via the surface


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

There is very little probability to be infected by the coronavirus through touching infected surfaces. This assessment gave the chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health Elena Malinnikova in the First channel.

“We had a lot of conditions that the virus was transmitted from the surface directly to the person,” she said, without specifying details.

Earlier, the TV presenter and doctor of medical Sciences Elena Malysheva, citing the findings of scientists, said of Contracting the virus from surfaces impossible. According to her, during the epidemic there was no such case. Thus the chief physician of infectious hospital of a name of Botkin in St. Petersburg Denis Gusev claimed that catching the virus is possible, if you first touch an infected object and then to mucous membranes, such as rubbing their eyes. Such contact way of infection, he called more relevant than airborne.

The lifespan of coronavirus on various surfaces differs. On a more solid and smooth items, medical masks, it can remain active up to seven days, soft like paper and clothing to 24 hours.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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