The man lost 20 pounds in seven months and revealed the secret of weight loss


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Resident Indian city Hyderabad, state of Telangana, has lost 20 pounds after not able to pick out the right clothes, and discovered the secret to weight loss. This publication reports the Times of India.

33-year-old software developer Sudhir Goswami (Sudhir Goswami) believed that one should live to the fullest. He enjoyed a delicious meal and not have to worry about whether it is useful for health. As a result, he began to gain weight and at the peak weighed 99 pounds.

The turning point came when gosvāmī along with his sweetheart went to the store and was not able to choose an appropriate costume. All clothing that appealed to a programmer, was he small. After that, he decided to lose weight and began to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Indian villages on a strict diet and began to exercise. He trains six days a week, his classes last for one and a half to two hours. Three times a week he plays badminton.

For Breakfast Gosvami eat five boiled proteins with two slices of black bread and peanut butter, one whole orange or any other fruit. Lunch — carrots, beets and a salad with peanuts and fried chicken with a side dish of vegetables. For lunch, the man eats grilled fish with roasted vegetables. Before workouts he drinks black coffee, almond, and after that protein shake.

As a result, he lost the weight in seven months by 20 pounds. To keep the motivation, he closes his eyes and visualizes all the good things that happened in his life. He started to Wake up early in the morning, lead a disciplined lifestyle and have completely given up sweets.

Earlier it was reported that suffering from obesity a resident of the English town of Melton Mowbray, County of Leicestershire, has lost 63 pounds and was left with six pounds of excess skin hanging. She decided to get rid of excess weight after a doctor told her that she would not live to 35 years.

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